For Men

If you and your significant other are experiencing infertility, perinatal loss, or you have a partner who is experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, it can feel as though your feelings do not matter.  In addition, many new research studies have shown that men can be affected by postpartum depression and anxiety, with an occurrence rate in approximately 10% of all new fathers.  You may also feel uncertain about what to say and how to respond to your partner, family, and friends.  The vast majority of research on these issues is focused on the woman in the partnership or on the relationship between the partners, while the concerns and frustrations of men in these relationships are often ignored.  Some men seek counseling because they do not feel they have anyone with whom they can share their concerns, to navigate the changes in roles and relationships that occur when a child is born, or to learn how best to respond to their significant other when things do not go according to plan.

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